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Permaculture design principles are tools that, when used together, allow us to creatively design our environment with less energy and resources. Permaculture mimics the efficiency of nature – the input equals the output – and because of this, it is the strongest model we have for sustainability.┬á Permaculture principles can be applied to all areas [...]

If you live in a part of the country that gets heavy frosts during the winter or that has a shorter growing season, a cold frame may be just what you need to help extend your growing season, grow veggies during the winter or start seedlings early. Most gardening manuals recommend starting your seedlings in [...]

A great video about gathering uneaten fruit from your backyard and neighborhood.┬á You never know where you’ll find your next meal!

Grow a new crop from seed this year, nurture it organically, and then successfully harvest enough seeds to grow next year. Saving seed used to be a common practice for anyone and everyone who owned any bit of land. The Native Americans have perfected the natural practice of saving seed and growing crops to be [...]